Advantages and disadvantages of gay marriage essay

advantages and disadvantages of gay marriage essay

people. The institution suffered a dramatic decline in the middle to late twentieth century partly due to increased divorce rates but also because many couples chose not to marry at all. Marriage Is A Religious Sanction. This is when a young couple realizes that the reality is much tougher, than their pure feelings and family life is not always about being lovers, but it also demands self-sacrifice. The traditionally defined marriage is between a man and a woman, same sex marriage is against what the Bible teaches, so it is sac religious to marry two men or two women into a religious sanction. Ask our professional writer! The Blog Millionaire to find out how. This is what arguers of same sex marriage speak the most about. By allowing some people to marry, and not others, the government is discriminating against citizens.

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Their similar backgrounds are also not an assurance that they would develop love for each other; if it wont, theyre doomed to have a loveless marriage, which is mostly unpleasant for the bride and groom as well as any children honours thesis science theyll have. Same sex marriages devalue traditional marriages and cause people to sway away from getting married. Therefore the person might not have the opportunity to make his/her own decision and can be matched with someone who is simply not a good partner for that individual. Arranged marriages can eliminate this frustration along with the headaches and heartaches that come with. Reduces To Sanctity Of Marriage.