Democracy in bangladesh essay

democracy in bangladesh essay

by the eighth amendment of the constitution in June 1988 and thereby completing the total abrogation of secularism from the constitution. In Great Britain, the government pays the leader of the opposition and the Prime Minister consults him in national emergency. In Monarchies, Dictatorships, Aristocracies and Oligarchies the. The late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri conferred with the leaders of the Opposition Prime parties before leaving for Tashkant for talks with President Ayub Khan of Pakistan of January 5, 1966. Table of Index, introduction 2, democracy: Concept 2, basic Principles or Requisites of Democracy:. Politics: 4, political Democracy: 4, objectives of the study: 6 a) Broad objectives 6 b) Specific objectives:. Right at the beginning, during the early 1970s, the country was run autocratically almost on a medieval tribal style. The people are considered as an essay conflicts work end and State as the means in a democracy:.

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Thus secularism took leave from the national politics. After a short period of political turbulence, General Ziaur Rahman, chief of the Army, took over the reign of the country after a military coup d├ętat. However, the support that Sheikh Mujib enjoyed at that time, or more appropriately the lack of any serious dissenting voice, had been misinterpreted as his invincibility which led him to flout the fundamental principles of democracy and ignore constitutional constraints. There are 275,000 mosques in the country and as followers congregate 5 times a day, the Maulanas have nearly.4 million occasions to preach religion every day! Basic Principles or Requisites of Democracy:. He also inserted a new clause in Article 25(2) under the heading Islamic Solidarity which allowed fraternity with Muslim countries. Money tourism destination branding thesis started flooding in from Middle East Muslim countries for mosques, madrassas, Ibn-Sina schools, Islamic Foundations, Ibn-Sina hospital, Ibn-Sina bank and so forth. The logistic support for this Islamic infiltration and the political machination started to come from Pakistan.