Essay about cause and effect of unemployment

essay about cause and effect of unemployment

had a loan and was experiencing poor business, causing him to make late payments on the loan, may be expecting the loss of his business Twitter (2002). Industrialization, the government must take steps to boost the industrial sector to create greater opportunities for people. One of the main problems faced by the developing countries is unemployment. The first effect is the loss of a source of income, the loss of a way to make money is the cause of loss of money. Nevertheless, these expenditures vary from one country to another. Education System, the education system in India focuses majorly on the theoretical aspects rather than skill development. Unemployment also causes depression to unemployed and the members of the family, their failure to secure another job, the constant tension in the family, cause depression Kalil (2005). These jobs may be seeking someone with work experience, and those who have been in the job market and are searching get this chance since they have the experience compared to the fresh graduate. Here is a look at these factors in detail and also the possible solutions to control this problem.

The causes and effects of unemployment

essay about cause and effect of unemployment

The burden of unintended joblessness can also negatively affect outcomes for children by an increase of punitive and arbitrary punishment; consequently, children of unemployed parents report more distress and depressive symptoms. If technology remained the same the increasing population wouldnt matter as the jobs would form naturally. The loss of an income has an effect on the whole family since, the attitude and the state of mind of the unemployed also affects the way they interact with others in the family. The loss of lively hood is not common to the bread winners but it is also felt by the young upcoming professionals, those who are seeking jobs for the first time. Some of these include lack of proper education, lack of good skill set, inability to perform, lack of good employment opportunities and rapidly increasing population. Second, the financial crisis provoked by different factors, such as speculations, for instance, increases the unemployment rate because many businesses run bankrupt under the impact of the financial crisis and their employees just lose their jobs. Employment, Stress, and Family Functioning. . Employees are also forced to work for more than the set number of hours each day. The other step taken is the immediate search for an alternative source of income, this may entail looking for employment through advertisements or they use friends and relatives to get another job. Economic Hardship and Marital Relations in the 1930s. . The family members are also at a loss, while they may want to assist them, they may not know how to as they are difficult to deal with. This new source of income apart from a new job could be a business, a positive mind will help them think and make good plans that assist them in decision making.