Advantage of computer essay

advantage of computer essay

of people that can hack into accounts; therefore people must set up correct security on their accounts to avoid this from happening. It allows a user to manipulate data very easily. Disadvantages of Computer Technology : Computer Technology has a massive impact on our private and public lives by using many social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. Thirdly and finally, computers bring benefits that have to do with entertainment and community. MegaEssays, "advantages of computer n inter. If a computer has Internet connection facility, one can shop and that too in discounted rates. In education, technology is used in researching information and many online learning courses (e-learning technology is a necessity for people or children with disabilities.g. The current development of computer technology in health care is that patient diagnosis and treatments is more efficient and no delays, this could save a persons life. . A computer is an electronic device that stores and processes data, according to a list of instructions.

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Advantages of Computers: Explained, because of the several computer advantages, it has become an important household item. Other disadvantages include identity theft essay writing on any current issues and virus threat. One can take the benefit of such online degree programs staying at home without the need of relocation. "Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technology." All Answers Ltd. The World Wide Web (WWW) or simply web is a huge resource of information that can be accessed via the Internet. Many companies use them to train their staff.

advantage of computer essay