Cloning research paper introduction

cloning research paper introduction

and chicken donor cells into enucleated pig oocytes. One vision for successful stem cell therapies is to create custom stem cell lines for patients. 27 28 There is also the potential for treating diseases associated with mutations in mitochondrial DNA. 2, The Scientist uman Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Using Adult Cells Cell Stem Cell.

In nature, many organisms produce clones through asexual reproduction. We can see that cloning can possibly change the gene pool from how we now know. Most likely, it would not be a good change. Technology as we presently know it will not effectively support the cloning of humans.

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A b Campbell KH, McWhir how to grade your gre essays J, Ritchie WA, Wilmut I (March 1996). To address the problem of creating a human egg market, some stem cell researchers are investigating the possibility of creating artificial eggs. 6 Stem cells can then be obtained by the destruction of this clone embryo for use in therapeutic cloning or in the case of reproductive cloning the clone embryo is implanted into a host mother for further development and brought to term. Accessed 21 Oct 06 Robertson, John A (2010). Applications edit Stem cell research edit Somatic cell nuclear transplantation has become a focus of study in stem cell research. We are excited about another opportunity to make a difference in our students lives. This is thought to be a result from the somatic cell nucleus being unable to turn on embryonic genes crucial for proper development. The Learning Outcomes agenda of activities is being shared in order to solicit your participation.

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