Essays on adolescent development

essays on adolescent development

understand their sexual role and prepare themselves for the next step as a teenager. One other major thing that the movie has is concepts of the development that occurs during late adolescences including social, emotional, and cognitive development. 7) Generativity versus stagnation (35 to 65 years old). The main task of the adolescent is to achieve a stage of identity.

They are acquired through physical maturation, social expectations and personal efforts. Those who are able to receive positive feedback and encouragement turn out to have a strong sense of who he/she is and a feeling of independence and control. Reference Copied to Clipboard. Developmentalists used to view adolescence as a tumultuous stage due to stress of individuals who want to become an adult long before becoming one. The individual faces new goals and tasks that directly involve other people, and during this period the individual is expected not only to develop and meet career goals, but also to begin the developmental process of forming intimate relationships with others. 6) Intimacy versus isolation (18 to 35 years old).

However, it is Hucks realistic and naive view of society that makes him to be honest and see sentence starters for thesis statement things for what they truly are. Some of the developmental tasks are need to be achieved within a time limit which Havighurst called teachable moment. Building on the ability to control themselves, children now acquire some influence over others in the family and begin o successfully manipulate their surroundings. When Huck finishes writing the letter, he sees that he has done the right thing. By searching for freedom from sivilisation, Huck has learned to act on the bases of his instincts and rely on his intelligence to overcome obstacles instead of enduring the ways of society. .

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