How to write a contrast comparison essay

how to write a contrast comparison essay

the prime challenges for a writer is to offer his or her own take on a topic. Here are some tips for writing a perfect conclusion for a comparison and contrasting paper. You may feel that everyone else has already said everything there is to say about your subject.

how to write a contrast comparison essay

The first step to writing a successful compare and contrast essay is to pick two subjects that are. This organization presents all the comparisons first, then all the contrasts.

Pride and Prejudice and, jane Eyre. Choosing a Pattern, while there is no law about selecting one method over another, for longer essays you should possibly go with the alternating pattern. Creating the list of likeness and differences will be handy here as well, but in using this method, you will continually address the two characters back and forth as you compose the body of your paper. The writer has to come up with a good and interesting hook for the paper to capture the attention of the reader and influence him/her to go through the whole. In this pattern you are required to separate the pros and cons under two different blocks. It is hard for the reader to retain all the pertinent information about each side of your argument in lengthier discussions. Make sure you use good transitional elements in your compare and contrast essay to help the readers understand more accurately the points that you have put forward.

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Updated March 17, 2017, before you begin to draft a compare and contrast essay, you should brainstorm by creating. Narrow the focus of the paper to avoid overly broad content which may not be necessary. Your own analysis is what holds worth and appreciation in the end. Dogs Vs Cats, introduction, introduction to the broad topic Cats and Dogs are some of the animals largely domesticated by man. Place the thesis as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Write either the similarities or differences first and the other later. Both are domestic animals, they are both carnivorous, both are pets. Support your analysis by providing primary textual support; in this case, the primary sources are the novels. Piece of cake, right?