Shs implementation essay

shs implementation essay

He said some Asian countries like South Korea and Japan had pursued similar education models, which yielded great dividends. Challenges with the rolling out of the Policy. The 1992 Constitution of Ghana has some provisions that calls for the need for free compulsory basic education. For instance, Article 25 (1) says; All persons shall have the right to equal education opportunities and facilities and with a view to achieving the full realisation of that right (a) basic education shall be free, compulsory and available to all; (b) secondary education. The NPP, while in opposition, trumpeted the policy and mentioned it in its 2008, 20 campaign manifestos saying they would implement the policy when given the nod to rule this country. President Nana Akufo-Addo at Okuapeman SHS earlier this year, spelt out fees that would be absorbed by the Government under the Free SHS Policy. The President said apart from the tuition fees, which is already free, other fees would be scrapped including admission fees, library fees, science centre fees and computer laboratory fees. Ghanaians, however, gave the Party the benefit of the doubt and voted for them in the 2016 general elections, in order to implement its much-talked about policies including the Free SHS policy.

He called on the Government to support the efforts of private schools by periodically assisting them to deliver best quality education. The Free SHS Policy is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs- 4) Target One, which stipulates that; By 2030, all boys and girls complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education, leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes. Chopss called on government to re-introduce a more realistic cut-off point for qualification into public high schools so that they could also get enrolment considering the fact that about 10,000 people were employed by the Association. Updated on September 2, 2015, filipinos are known to be competitive in the international community. With the new curriculum, senior high school students can choose a field that they are good at and that they are interested. Dr Matthew Opoku-Prempeh, the Minister of Education, during the launch, said the Government has already paid 20 per cent of the fees of the beneficiaries to their respective SHSs. The shssp supports four results areas with loan disbursements tied to the achievement of six disbursement-linked indicators (DLIs). In addition, most high school graduates are not yet reaching the legal age. He called for effective leadership to ensure the success and sustainability of the policy. In terms of its sustainability, President Akufo-Addo said, it would be funded with the countrys oil and gas proceeds and other natural resources through the Annual Budget Funding.

The implementation of the K-12 plan in the Philippine Basic Education Curriculum is the key to our nations development. Though the government faces many problems as it implements the program over the course of several years, it is a necessary improvement since increasing the quality of our education is critical to our nation's success. As prescribed in the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 (the Act in June 2016 DepEd will launch senior high school (SHS) nationwide, a new level of basic education consisting of grades 11 and. Free SHS Policy is a laudable policy worthy of emulation by other African countries, therefore, Ghana cannot afford to fail. The days of poor students being left on the streets because of poverty are over, the days of parents at their wit ends scramble to find admission fees are over, the days of young students being driven from the classroom to go home for their.