Essay about newspaper in hindi

essay about newspaper in hindi

pillars supporting the super-structure of democracy. Also, government notices, circulars and advertisements are important sources of revenue for a newspaper. Intelligence may be defined as information, news, especially that related to important events. In the jet age of today, a man may be taking his breakfast in Delhi and lunch in Cairo and Dinner in New York. The night time is party time. He becomes lonely in the vast concrete jungles of the cities. The newspaper becomes a power for evil if it distorts truth, presents only the dark. Loneliness and lack of love may drive a man towards drug and alcohol, in fact, in alcoholism has taken alarming proportions. Its principal aim is to supply news. A good newspaper is a watch dog of democracy.

It has been a must, with tea refreshment. Again, the morning paper brings to our knowledge all the notable events which occurred in distant lands only the day before. When we do not get the newspaper to read due to any cause, it affects. If certain wrongs are done by the Government to the people, a cry against them can be raised in newspapers. So many changes have taken place so fast that the generation of today follows entirely different set of rules from those followed by the generation of yesterday. There are news about the manufactured articles,"tions of prices and rates of commodities. This section is very useful for the students. He thinks that if he has money, he will have all the pleasures. Today when he has become old, he wants the youngsters to follow the same life, the same values that he did when he was young. Newspaper is useful to every person of society.